Pedr0tz#5170 on Duck Hunt

📈 General statistics

1 days played, 58 experience points. (5 ducks killed.)

🦆 Ducks killed

🔫 Shooting range
🎒 Backpack

Duck Hunt Shop

Invoice No.

Payment Date.

Infrared detector 6 misses
Total: 1 items

Thanks for buying in the shop.
We hope to see you soon.
Thanks for spending 0 exp in there

Items took from bushes
  • 1 Detector
🎯 Shooting stats
🛸 Misc

Pedr0tz#5170 used 8 bullets and 1 magazines. They missed their target 1 times, killed someone 0 times, and murdered 0 players.

They have 4 bullets in their gun, and 1 magazines in their backpack.

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