A discord powered game for endless hours of fun - By Eyesofcreeper#0001

How do I play?

Playing DuckHunt is easy. When a duck (a message sent by the bot looking like 🦆 < COUAAC) appears in the channel, use the dh!bang command to kill it. You can reload your weapon with dh!reload when you have no more bullets in your current clip.

You can also access the shop using dh!shop [name of the item you want] to buy objects you'll need in your hunting career. A list of items is available here

How do I install the bot?

A detailed walkthrough is available on the install the bot page

Can I see the source code?

Sure you can! Head to GitHub for it!

I want to self-host DuckHunt/I want my own copy of DuckHunt. How do I do it?

This is clearly not recommended. The official bot is the best choice in 99.9% of the cases. Note that no support will be given for self hosted versions, and you have to update the bot in a timely fashion. However, if you still want to try it, instructions are given on the GitHub repo.

I found a bug! Where should I go?

Congratulations! You can go to our support server to report it, or open an issue on GitHub

I have a feature request/suggestion!

That's not really a question, but you can go to GitHub to suggest things!

I love you!

Me too <3

Can I donate to support the development of the bot ?

You can give me a coffee just here. Thanks!