remove_all_scores_and_stats_on_this_channel (remove_all_scores_stats)

remove_all_scores_stats ADMIN
Aliases: remove_all_scores_and_stats_on_this_channel

Delete scores for all users on this channel or on the specified channel ID.

Data will not be recoverable, and there is no confirmation dialog. Type with caution. This command will execute on the *current channel* if no ID is provided. If you pass an ID, the bot will check whether the channel still exist. If it does, it'll refuse to delete to prevent mistakes. You'll have to run the command in the correct channel. If it doesn't, but the channel was in the same guild/server, scores will be deleted.

If you need a backup of the channel data, you can use the DuckHunt API to download the scores and statistics for everyone who ever played.

Note that the channel itself wont be deleted, only the scores are.

Invoke with:
dh!remove_all_scores_stats [channel_id_to_delete]