DuckHunt Discord V4: Commands list

Aliases: t

Show a given tag based on the name.

Invoke with:
dh!tag <tag_name> [users]

Commands to interact with tags : creations, editions, deletions, ...

Invoke with:

Check that the bot is online, give the latency between the bot and Discord servers.

Invoke with:

Returns the wiki URL

Invoke with:

Get the URL to invite the bot

Invoke with:

Get a discord invite to the support server.

Invoke with:

Aliases: giveback ft

Get the time when you'll get free magazines and your weapon back from the police

Invoke with:

Get the bot prefixes

Invoke with:

Aliases: helpers whomadethis

Thanks to those fine people who (helped) make the bot

Invoke with:

Aliases: translate

Thanks to those fine people who (helped) translate the bot

Invoke with:

Aliases: events

See the current global event.

Invoke with:

This returns the current bot time.

Invoke with:

Aliases: shard_status

Check the status of every shard the bot is hosting.

Invoke with:

Aliases: used_commands

Shows a paginator with the most used commands on the bot. This is the poor version of a bot analytics.

Invoke with:

Aliases: bot_topusers

Shows a paginator with the users that have used the bot the most. This is again the poor version of a bot analytics.

Invoke with:

Aliases: rl

Reload your gun.

Invoke with:


Hug the duck that appeared first on the channel.

Invoke with:
dh!hug [target] [args...]

Aliases: cpr brains zombie undead

Revive yourself by eating brains

Invoke with:

Aliases: quick_stats quickstats

Get some quickstats about yourself (or someone else).

Invoke with:
dh!me [target]

Aliases: shoots shooting

Get shooting stats (for you or someone else).

Invoke with:
dh!shooting_stats [target]

Aliases: times besttimes

Get best times to kill of ducks (for you or someone else).

Invoke with:
dh!best_times [target]

Aliases: kills killsstats killcounts kills_count kill_count killed

Get number of each type of duck killed (for you or someone else).

Invoke with:
dh!kills_stats [target]

Aliases: hugs hugsstats hugged

Get number of each type of duck hugged (for you or someone else).

Invoke with:
dh!hugs_stats [target]

Aliases: hurt hurtstats

Get number of each type of duck hurt (for you or someone else).

Invoke with:
dh!hurt_stats [target]

Aliases: resisted resiststats

Get number of each type of duck that resisted a shot (for you or someone else).

Invoke with:
dh!resist_stats [target]

Aliases: frightened frightenstats frightened_stats frightenedstats frighten

Get number of each type of duck that fled following a shot (for you or someone else).

Invoke with:
dh!frighten_stats [target]

Aliases: ach

Show your/someone else achievements in the channel

Invoke with:
dh!achievements [target]

Aliases: sendexp sendxp send_xp

Send some of your experience to another player.

Invoke with:
dh!send_exp <target> <amount>

Aliases: best scores

Who's the best ?

Invoke with:

Aliases: ps

The DuckHunt bot DMs are monitored. All of these commands are used to control the created channels, and to

Invoke with:

Aliases: rd

Shows a random duck image, courtesy of Globloxmen assets.

Invoke with:
dh!random_duck [artist=Calgeka] [debug=False] [with_background=True]

Aliases: open

Alias for dh!inv use, so that you can just type dh!use instead.

Invoke with:
dh!use <item_shortcode> [item_uses=1]

Aliases: inv

Show your inventory content.

Invoke with:

Aliases: restart

Prestige related commands. Reset your adventure for exclusive bonuses.

Invoke with:

Sends the link you can use to vote for DuckHunt on bot lists

Invoke with:

Alias for dh!landmine landmine, so that you can just type dh!place instead.

Invoke with:
dh!place <guild> [value] <word> [message_text]

Alias for dh!landmine defuse_kit, so that you can just type dh!defuse instead.

Invoke with:
dh!defuse [words]

Aliases: landmines event2021 lm

This command group contains all commands related to "Landmines" game.

Invoke with:

remove_user MODERATOR
Aliases: delete_user del_user del_user_id rem_user rem_user_id

Delete scores for a specific user from the channel. The target can be an ID or a mention.

Invoke with:
dh!remove_user <target>

coin ADMIN
Aliases: spawn spawnduck

Spawns a random duck

Invoke with:

ducks_list ADMIN
Aliases: ducks

Show ducks currently on the channel

Invoke with:

give_exp ADMIN
Aliases: giveexp givexp give_xp

Give some experience to another player. This is a cheat.

Invoke with:
dh!give_exp <target> <amount>

Aliases: remove_all_scores_and_stats_on_this_channel

Delete scores for all users on this channel or on the specified channel ID.

Invoke with:
dh!remove_all_scores_stats [channel_id_to_delete]

manage_bot BOT_MODERATOR
Aliases: bot_administration emergencies

Manage the bot current state by starting and stopping ducks spawning, leaving, and planning ducks spawn for the

Invoke with:

beta_invite BOT_MODERATOR

Invite someone to the beta server, letting them try the bot before the others

Invoke with: