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Ducks Per Day

125+ (membercount / (5+ (membercount / 300))) is the formula for the max amount of ducks that you can spawn every day

Slash Commands

Slash commands are a new way to make commands right within discord, will probably not support them as they are lacking features.


Please post relevant remarks, not irrelevant marks . . . or letters.

Wrong Channel

To play DuckHunt, you'll want to go in any of the following channels :


Please do not ping mods unless it is an actual emergency, such as the bot being completely unresponsive. If you do ping someone with a non-emergency, ping the support volunteers of your respective language. Also please do not ping your fellow members randomly.


POSTING ADVERTISEMENTS ANYWHERE THAT IS NOT <#578950907652341776> WILL RESULT IN A BAN! <:DuckBan:439392332740034570>


A Greenhorn is a new hunter who blasts their way into a non-game channel leaving holes in the walls where there are no ducks. Guests in these channels usually ‘duck’ and cover while a sheriff type directs them to a game channel. Please go to these game channels to enjoy shooting actual ducks: <#195260818215010304> <#430396851024429081> or <#195260313082265600>


A long, long time ago, in the remote country of DuckHunt, on the Discord continent...


Having trouble with permissions ? You can read this document from discord.


Use the following code in your Discord Developper Console to enable the hidden Experiements menu.


The DuckEnigma was an event which lasted from 01/06/2018 to 19/06/2018. The DuckEnigma contained 15 different puzzles that the users needed to solve in order to win. The prizes for the first winners were 1 month discord nitro and a DuckHunt VIP server.

Leveling Up

You have more magazines but fewer bullets right now because you have leveled up. Leveling up exchanges these differences for a big boost in accuracy, and reliability (the stat that determines how often your gun jams).


Click me to see all the coats.


------------ how to play the game (improved for V4) --------------


The owner of DuckHunt (@!138751484517941259 ) said the following about selfhosting DuckHunt:


DuckHunt V4 Setup