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A Greenhorn is a new hunter who blasts their way into a non-game channel leaving holes in the walls where there are no ducks. Guests in these channels usually ‘duck’ and cover while a sheriff type directs them to a game channel. Please go to these game channels to enjoy shooting actual ducks: <#195260818215010304> <#430396851024429081> or <#195260313082265600>


Click me to see all the coats.

Wood Duck


Having trouble with permissions? You can read this document from discord.


Please do not ping mods unless it is an actual emergency, such as the bot being completely unresponsive. If you do ping someone with a non-emergency, ping the support volunteers of your respective language. Also please do not ping your fellow members randomly.

Ducks Per Day

125 + (membercount / (5+ (membercount / 300))) is the formula for the max amount of ducks that you can spawn every day


Hello, I'm a test tag made to test things. I can be edited by my owner.

Dm Invite

Bots, like DuckHunt, are not able to join your server using an invite. If you want to add DuckHunt to your server, you can find the setup guide here.

Tag Account Requirements


The DuckHunt shop is open


The DuckEnigma was an event which lasted from 01/06/2018 to 19/06/2018. The DuckEnigma contained 15 different puzzles that the users needed to solve in order to win. The prizes for the first winners were 1 month discord nitro and a DuckHunt VIP server.


How to create a group chat with yourself




Use the following code in your Discord Developer Console (press ctrl+shift+i, then click the Console tab) to enable the hidden Experiments menu.


Me Website


✦                                               .                  .       ˚                    .        .                  .           .               * .                    .           ✦         ˚   . ✦ ✦                   ゚     .               .      🌎 ,                                          .               ✦ .           ✦             ˚                                    .   ☄️            .            ✦                               ,       .             .   ゚      .             ✦       ,       .                                   . ☀️                                                        .         .             .                                                                             ✦        ,                    ,                  .            .                                             . ˚        . ,                                    . .           ✦  ✦          .             .                           ✦                                               .                  .           .        .                  .           .            .                    .           ✦

Dm Commands

DuckHunt works best when used in a discord server. Some command will work in DMs, but the one you just used wont.

Leveling Up

You have more magazines but fewer bullets right now because you have leveled up. Leveling up exchanges these differences for a big boost in accuracy, and reliability (the stat that determines how often your gun jams).


Inventory items


Either the bot or discord are currently experiencing problems. Please wait for them to become stable again. Thanks!


A DUCK PIN is an item that has no actual value, but adds a little decorative flavor to the game. Some people consider them trash, but Sys pins them to his hunting vest with pride.

Slash Commands

Slash commands are a new way to make commands right within discord, will probably not support them as they are lacking features.

Lore V2

shoot shoot bang bang lol


How hacking works - Part 1 - What's hacking

Set Night

dh!settings set night_time start end


Selfhosting is a very particular, not recommanded way to use the bot on one's server. You are more likely NOT to be a selfhoster than the opposite.

Chainmail Immunity


The landmines event


Please post relevant remarks, not irrelevant marks . . . or letters.

Setup Fr

Mise en place de DuckHunt V4


DuckHunt V4 Setup


Everything is Calm

Lore V3

A long, long time ago, in the remote country of DuckHunt, on the Discord continent...


Ever seen messages like : "Beware user#1234, do not accept friend requests from them or your PC will be hacked" ?

Dm Unrelated

Hello, this bot's DMs are used to provide help for players about the DuckHunt game. It seems that you sent something unrelated to the game, please note that quite a number of persons can see it. If you wish us to delete the messages from our end, just tell us by answering to this DM. Nothing will be stored on our end, and your own copy of the messages will remain the same.


So, I hear you want to become a Moderator here on DuckHunt? If so, then follow this guide and maybe you will become a mod. Hey guys it is Taoshi here and today I am going to tell you how I became a mod here on DuckHunt.

Bang Aliases

Aliases for !bang

Wrong Channel

DuckHunt does not work here.


Free Speech


you need help , please go to <#262720111591292928> or <#195260134908231691> or <#461956433039327254>

Lore V4

War never change.


if you need help , please go to <#262720111591292928> or <#195260134908231691> or <#461956433039327254>


Blame Discord

Blame Discord™️

Server Side Settings

There are a few settings that are server-side (IE: not per channel) :

Support Meme


POSTING ADVERTISEMENTS ANYWHERE THAT IS NOT <#578950907652341776> WILL RESULT IN A BAN! <:DuckBan:439392332740034570>


How to play DuckHunt

Quickguide Es

Primero tienes que comprobar si hay un pato presente. Puedes hacer esto mirando o haciendo dh!hug

Ducks Look Like

Ducks will spawn with names like Mr.Duck or RealDuck (at least the normal ones) and will have an accompanying emoji.

Ask Question

Don't say "hello i need help" and then wait for someone to get to you, ask your question right after you say hello. This makes things a lot faster for people avalible to help you.