Achievements guide

Achievements are a way for you to prove how great of a hunter you are to the world (or at least, your channel).

They shouldn't be confused with trophies, that are global (=on all channels) achievements given by the bot staff.

You can't obtain trophies in game, but you can get all the achievements from the comfort of your channel.


This guide will help you unlock all the achievements on your channel. Beware, the following might contain spoilers.


Kill another hunter.

How to obtain: You can kill a hunter willingly by typing dh!bang <mention>

Big spender

Spend more than 2000 experience.

How to obtain: Spend experience in the shop. Homing bullets is the most expensive item you can find in there, but also very useless.

A hunter joined the chat

Play for more than a week.

How to obtain: Type a hunting command (bang, reload) on 7 different days.

We are starting to know each other

Play for more than a month.

How to obtain: Type a hunting command (bang, reload) on 30 different days.

Wanna be friends ?

Play for more than a year.

How to obtain: Type a hunting command (bang, reload) on 365 different days.

I don't want your damn bullets!

Leave a bullet you found in the bushes.

How to obtain: This one is very hard to get, and you'll probably need prestige level ≥ 8 . You need to be at the end of level 6, whit a full clip, kill a duck that makes you level up, and have enough luck to find a bullet in the bushes.

Mommy is crying

Kill a few baby ducks.

How to obtain: Kill at least 5 baby ducks.


Solve equations given by the Pr. Duck.

How to obtain: Kill five Pr. Ducks.


Eat some brains and come back to life.

How to obtain: Get someone to kill you (accidentally or not), and revive yourself

Sentry gun

Use more than 1000 bullets.

How to obtain: You can either play for a while, or just spam the bang command, since wasted bullets count.

Homing kills (you)

Use the homing projectiles.

How to obtain: Get 150 exp and buy homing projectiles, then shoot at a duck.

You monster

Kill a MOAD that spawns a baby duck.

How to obtain: Kill many MOADs, one day you'll be lucky enough to get a baby duck to spawn.

Gun insurer

Give at least 30 exp to an hunter that lost his gun.

How to obtain: Use the send_exp command to send some of your experience to another hunter that lost his gun. The amount is counted before taxes, so dh!send_exp <@user> 30 should work just fine.

Short memory

Shoot at your own mechanical duck.

How to obtain: Buy a mechanical duck, and kill it.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Sabotage the gun of someone that planned to shoot at you.

How to obtain: Get someone to murder you after you sabotaged his gun, but before they reload.


This is a list of all the trophies you can see.

V3 Player

That guy even played on the previous version. What a champ!

You had to play on the previous version of the bot.