On there, you'll find tips on how to best use and hunt ducks, based on interviews of the best DuckHunters, and of discussions with the maker : Eyesofcreeper#0001.


These are all the tips that will apply during the whole game, whatever your level is.

Manage your experience

Managing experience is a must on DuckHunt : it is used as a currency, but also to level up and get better statistics.

There are many good shop items, but don't buy them all yet. Instead, keep an eye on your experience and try not to level down when buying something.

New on V4: Beginners luck. The first few levels are in fact giving you an accuracy boost. You may want to stay there for a bit longer while getting some good items.

Watch for freetime

When the freetime timer expires, you get your gun back (if it was confiscated when you shot someone) and your magazines are refilled for free. Use dh!freetime to see when freetime happens.

When freetime is coming soon, don't buy chargers if you haven't reached full-emptiness. Don't forget to reload before freetime : bullets are never replenished.

Keep a slot open for new magazines

Sometimes, you will find mags in the bushes after killing a duck. But if your backpack is full, you won't be able to take the free magazine you just found, and it'll essentially be deleted, wasting the equivalent of 13 experience.

Remember spawn order

Ducks either get shot, or they leave, in the same order in which they spawn.

New on V4: Ghost Ducks. Ghost ducks don't send a spawn message when spawning. If you kill one (by chance), remember the duck you probably wanted to kill isn't dead yet!

Don't rush the achievements

The achievements are mostly kept between prestige runs and won't give you anything more than a badge on your personal webpage.

Buy the four-leaf clover

Buy a 4-leaf clover as soon as you can, if you will hunt duck in the next day. The clover will give you a bonus ranging from one to ten experience points for every duck you kill. It's usually worth it if you kill more than two ducks in the next day.

Kill the bosses

In the support server, there will usually be one boss that spawns every day. If you react with the 🔫 emoji to shoot it, you'll receive a "box of foie gras" in your inventory.

You can then open the box to get some items on ANY CHANNEL using the bot.

Early game

Buy magazines, not bullets

In the beginning, and in fact until the later levels where you only have 1 bullet per magazine, it's cheaper to buy magazines and reload than to buy bullets.

Buy a silencer, and some grease

Two items that are very worth it on your first levels are the silencer and the grease.

The silencer will stop ducks you shoot at from getting frightened, ruining the damage you've done and all the bullets you've spent, and the sight will help you miss less.

Grease will make your weapon jam less often, which can be a good thing if you are competing for speed with others on your channel.

Use the hug command

You could get an infrared detector to help save bullets and 2 exp, but I just use dh!hug to see if there's a duck when I'm not sure.

Late game

Buy bullets on later levels

Eventually you'll get a fancy sniper rifle with only 1 bullet per magazine. At this point in the game buying bullets is better than buying mags.

Some items stay necessary

The 4-leaf clover is almost necessary to counteract the steep price of bullets. The infrared detector is a good investment too, as it'll help you not waste the precious 2 experience from shooting nothing and the 7 experience used to buy a new bullet.

Alone on a channel ? Use decoys !

Decoys are great to make more ducks come. If you are alone, consider spending some experience to get babies, super ducks and more to join you.

If your duck hasn't appeared in the 10 minutes following your decoy usage, try the dh!hug command to check for ghosts.

Don't buy some early game items

Avoid buying some items, most are not worth it at this point. Grease, silencers, ... Your weapon is almost perfect already, so buying them would only upgrade your stats by a slight margin, if any.

Most of the anti-sabotage items, such as the weapon cleaning, are useless and should not be bought.