Useful commands

This is not a command list for the DuckHunt bot.
This is a list of commands you might want to know when interacting on the DuckHunt Support Server.

For a list of DuckHunt commands, please see the command list.

The following is only an overview of the commands we find to be the most useful. For more information about them, feel free to run the helpcommand for the respective bot.

Do not include brackets like <> or [] in the commands. A <> bracket mention a required argument, and [] brackets refer to optional arguments.

R. Danny (Support)

R. Danny is mainly used for tags to quickly send a message for an often asked question, a formula or many others.

Command Explanation
?tag <tag name> Displays the tag namein the current channel. Useful tags include wrong_channel, setup and manual
?tag list Lists every tag currently available.
?tag make Lets you create a tag. This is an interactive command.

R. Danny also manages the #starboard channel. To use it, react with a ⭐️ on a message you find funny. If two people react with ⭐️, the message will be kept on the starboard.

Koishi (Statistics)

Command Explanation
b+histostatus Show your status history by hour of the day.
b+histoguild Show status history for the whole guild. Takes a long time to run.

GetBeaned (Moderation)

GetBeaned is our moderation bot. The following commands are to be used by moderators.

Command Explanation
+ban <duration> {users} <reason> Ban the users provided in the command, with an optional reason.
+softban {users} <reason> Ban and unban the users given to remove the recent messages they sent. You may add a reason to be displayed.
+kick {users} <reason> Kick the users from your server. They will be able to rejoin using a new invite link.
+mute <duration> {users} <reason> Mute users on the server. They won't be able to speak until unmuted or until they leave and rejoin the server.
+unmute {muted_users} <reason> Remove the GetBeaned_Muted role from users, to let them talk again.
+unban {banned_users} <reason> Unban users from your server. They'll be able to rejoin using a new invite.

The following commands can be used by moderators and trusted users.

Command Explanation
+note {users} [reason] Add a simple note to the user profile. Doesn't do anything by itself, this mostly serves as a reminder from staff or for very minor infractions.
+warn {users} <reason> Warns users on the server. While warns by themselves don't do anything, thresholds apply to warns, and users may get kicked if they reach it.
+snipe Recover the last deleted message from the channel. Useful if you had seen some spam on the channel that quickly got deleted.
+purge {arguments} Remove messages in bulk. See the command documentation for more information.
+rename [user] <nickname> Rename a user with an optional nickname. If nickname is not specified, removes the nickname
+inspect [user/message/channel/...] Provides information about a given ID or name, and tries to guess what that object is.

No commands here are meant to be used regularly by normal users.