Levels and experience

There is two distinct 'level' systems on DuckHunt. The first one is based on your current experience (levels), and the other one is the prestige system.

Your current level change based on how much experience you currently have : buying something in the shop might make you level down, while killing ducks will make you level up.

However, the prestige system is only activated when you decide, and you can't lose a prestige level. Activating prestige will restart the game for you, in exchange for a bonus that will help you progress faster in your next run.

Why do I have less bullets than before ?

You have more magazines but fewer bullets right now because you have leveled up. Leveling up exchanges these differences for a big boost in accuracy, and reliability (the stat that determines how often your gun jams).

Think of it like having an AK47 in the beginning at level 1.... you have a full clip that can hold 6 shots, and your belt can hold only a couple of them. However, it's not made for long range, so it is inaccurate as hell, and it's old as the hills, so it jams like crazy.

...but in the end, you get a new badass sniper rifle. Only holds one bullet at a time, but its military grade, can shoot a fly off a bull's horn from a mile away, and it's reliable enough that it will almost never jam, even if you submerge it in mud for a week.

Game levels

Level numberMinimum experienceNameAccuracyReliabilityBulletsMagazines
-3Negative cheater ?
-2Duck hugger ?
-1What are you doing ?
0N/APublic danger958561
490Duck misser588882
5140Member of the Committee Against Ducks598982
6200Duck hater609082
7270Duck pest659343
8350Duck hassler679343
9440Duck plucker699343
11650Duck inside out turner739443
12770Duck clobberer739443
13900Duck chewer749543
141040Duck eater749543
151190Duck flattener759543
161350Duck disassembler809724
171520Duck demolisher819724
181700Duck killer819724
191890Duck skinner829724
202090Duck predator829724
212300Duck chopper839824
222520Duck decorticator839824
232750Duck fragger849824
242990Duck shatterer849824
253240Duck smasher859824
263500Duck breaker909915
273770Duck wrecker919915
284050Duck impaler919915
294340Duck eviscerator929915
304640Duck terror929915
314950Duck exploder939915
325270Duck destructor939915
335600Duck blaster949915
345940Duck pulverizer949915
356290Duck disintegrator959915
366650Duck atomizer959915
377020Duck annihilator969915
387400Serial duck killer969915
397790Duck genocider979915
408200Old noob979915
419999Duck toaster989916
4211111Unemployed due to extinction of the duck species999917

Prestige levels

To level up with prestige, you'll need to have at least 11111 experience points, and type dh!prestige confirm. There is no going back.

When prestiging, you'll keep some of your achievements, and 10% of your experience above 11111. The rest of your data will be deleted.

Of course, prestige levels stack. It means that, if you are level 3, you'll get advantages from level 1, 2 and 3 at the same time.

Level 0

This is the default level when you first start the game. You get the right to p(l)ay DuckHunt.

Level 1

The first time you prestige, you'll get Unbreakable sunglasses. You won't need to buy sunglasses anymore.

Level 2

You'll be able to choose the color of your coat.

Level 3

Get access to the dh!prestige daily command. This will give you free experience every day you play.

The experience awarded by the command is random, but will get higher the higher your prestige level goes.

Level 4

You'll get access to Icelandic water, that will wet your target for longer.

Level 5

You'll get an untearable coat. Just like on level 1, you won't need to buy coats anymore.

Level 6

Your silencers are now military grade. They last twice as long, for the same price.

Level 7

You get to be part of the super secret DuckHunt Secret Service. By joining, you'll get a complimentary, permanent, license to kill

Level 8

Your ammo packs get bigger, allowing you to load twice as many bullets in your gun.

Level 9 and above

Higher levels increase the amount of experience you can get from the dh!prestige daily command. If you have a great idea for a new prestige power up, please tell us on the support server