How to contribute to the bot

Translating the bot

Translations are already available in a lot of languages. However, if you feel one can be upgraded, made better or just finished, feel free to contact Eyesofcreeper#0001 on the discord server.

Don't forget to tell me what language you want to translate the bot to. We use LingoHub to translate the bot, so I'll also need your email address to send you an invite.

Translators are credited in the dh!translators command, and get an exclusive trophy.

Report bugs

You can report bugs on the GitHub issues page. You might also want to visit #bug-report on our discord server for a more informal reporting process.

Improve this documentation

Hey, thanks for wanting to improve the docs!

There is a GitHub repository, but if you aren't at ease with git, you can request access to GitBook on the support server to be able to edit the wiki on a word-like interface.

If you do submit a pull request, don't forget to include your discord ID so that we can credit you appropriately.

Help on the support server

You can join our support server using this link. Come and help us answer questions from beginners and confirmed people alike. If you want to get yourself familiar with the rules and commands first, read here.

You can give yourself the Support Volunteer roles if you can be pinged to answer questions.

Edit the code

The DuckHunt bot is fully open sourced (including the documentation, this website and everything needed to run it). We really love pull-requests, even simple ones. If you need help with the code or the projet, feel free to ask me (Eyesofcreeper#0001) on the support server.

These are all the projects you can contribute to:

  • The documentation you are currently reading (edits links for specific pages are also available on the sidebar). Written in markdown, very easy to edit for beginners and experts alike.
  • The bot itself, with all the commands, and the API. Written in Python, using the library.
  • The website, used to format and display this documentation, but also to render statistics pages. Written using Django, HTML&CSS, Jinja2, and a touch of JS.
  • The docker config, tying all of this together, and allowing for an easy deployment of the bot.

Hosting bots cost money, notwithstanding the hours spent on making DuckHunt the best game bot on discord, so if you can afford, donations are always welcome.

Here are a few links if you want to donate some $ to me to keep this project running. Thanks !

If you donate towards the development of the bot, feel free to ask for a special VIP server item that'll allow you to mark you server as VIP, and bypass the limit of ducks per day.

You can also donate to the bot by purchasing items throught the DuckHunt Shop to receive something in return of your donation !