Players quickstart

The basics

The goal of the game is to earn the most experience (exp) to be the top player on your channel leaderboard.

To earn experience, you must kill ducks (click here to see what a duck looks like). Most ducks killed will get you 10 exp (assuming default settings). However, sometimes you might find other types of ducks that are worth more experience.

To kill a duck, you need to shoot at it with your weapon using the dh!bang command. Assuming you're lucky, you'll hit the duck and earn experience. If you aren't, you might miss your shot. In that case, no worries, you can just retry by typing the command again. If your weapon gets confiscated, you'll have to wait until dh!freetime or buy it back from the shop with your experience.

The dh!bang command can often be reduced to simply dhpan or !pan. Many aliases are available, will you be able to find them all ?

You may also need to reload your weapon, either because you have no more bullets or because it jammed. No worries, the command is just dh!reload.

When you level up

Once you killed a few ducks, you should have enough experience to explore the shop, using the dh!shop command.

We recommend you buy a silencer to avoid letting the ducks flee from you (dh!shop silencer), a clover, so you earn (way) more experience for every kill (dh!shop clover), and a sight to improve your aim (dh!shop sight).

If you hunt a lot of ducks, you might run out of magazines. In that case, buy some from the shop (dh!shop 2). However, you may find magazines as you hunt ducks, so be sure to leave some magazines empty in order to pick these up for free. Try to be as close to zero magazines as possible since, at freetime, your magazine count gets refilled (not your bullets tho, remember to reload).

Soon, you'll level up enough and get better weapons, and you will be able to drop the silencer and sight, and use explosive ammo dh!shop explosive instead.

Next steps

If you read all of this, you might be well on your way to becoming a Pro DuckHunter™️. Have fun with the game, and make sure you ask any questions on the support server.

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