How do I play?

The best way would be to read our players guide.

How do I install the bot?

See the QuickStart for administrators. Don't forget to enable the channel !

The bot does not work ?

Alternative titles: There are almost no commands on my channel?, The bang/reload command doesn't work, The bot stays silent.

You didn't enable the channel, did you ? Maybe you should read the QuickStart guide for administrators.

You can also open a thread on the support channel of our support server.

Can I see the source code?

Sure you can! Head to GitHub for it!

The project is separated in a few repositories :

  • The documentation you are currently reading (edits links for specific pages are also available on the sidebar). Written in Markdown, very easy to edit for beginners and experts alike.
  • The bot itself, with all the commands, and the API. Written in Python, using the discord.py library.
  • The website, used to format and display this documentation, but also to render statistics pages. Written using Django, HTML&CSS, Jinja2, and a touch of JS.
  • The docker config, tying all of this together, and allowing for an easy deployment of the bot.

I want to self-host DuckHunt/I want my own copy of DuckHunt. How do I do it?

This is clearly not recommended. The official bot is the best choice in 99.9% of the cases. Note that no support will be given for self-hosted versions, and you have to update the bot in a timely fashion. However, if you still want to try it, the best way to go ahead would be to use the docker configuration files.

Don't forget to claim the Selfhoster role on the support server to be pinged for important updates.

I found a bug! Where should I go?

Congratulations! You can go to our support server to report it, or open an issue on GitHub.

I have a feature request/suggestion!

That's not really a question, but you can go to GitHub to suggest things! You can also use the #🙋suggestions channel on the support server.

I love you!

Me too ! ❤️

Can I donate to support the development of the bot ?

See this page! Thanks 😁.

Is there a way to simulate different settings ?

Yes there is ! Steefgozercool#6710 made an Excel spreadsheet where you can simulate any combination of settings and plays to see what happens to scores. Click here to download it.