Events happen globally, at the same time, and across all of Discord. They will change gameplay and make hunting ducks more fun. Every hour, there is a 10% chance an event will be applied (lasting an hour). If an event is to be drawn, it is chosen from the list of events with equal probability. This means that there should be approximately 2 events per day.

To display the current event, you can use the dh!event command.

Everything is Calm

Nothing is happening right now.

This means that the game is running normally.

Ducks are Migrating

Prepare to see more ducks in the next hour.

There is a 10% chance that 2 ducks will spawn instead of one.

Steroids in the Lake

A medical waste company dumped steroids into the lake.
Ducks have mutated, and you'll see a lot more Super Ducks. But, be careful, and don't drink that water.

The chance that a super duck will appear is doubled.

Safety Class Canceled

The safety class was canceled. Beware of shooting other hunters!

You are twice as likely to kill another hunter. This is one of the worst events, so don't forget to buy a sight to reduce misses, and/or a licence to kill to reduce penalties.

Connection Problems

Ducks can't find your computer due to connection problems, and there will be fewer of them until it's repaired.

There is a 10% chance a duck that should have spawned gets canceled. Ducks that don't spawn still count towards the ducks per day setting

A New Florist in Town

A new florist opened in town, and you can now find better 4-leaf-clovers. Go check them out!

One if not the best event. This doubles the upper bound of clover exp. Normally, when you buy a clover, it'll give you from 1 to 10 exp points more for every duck you kill. With this event, the clover experience will be rolled between 1 and 20!


Someone inflated a super duck, and now they're EVEN BIGGER!!

Super Ducks get 4 more lives.

Windy Weather

Bullets are deflected by strong wind

Hunters’ accuracy is reduced to 3/4 their current accuracy, with a minimum of 60%. If you can, use a sight.

UN Treaty

AP and Explosive ammo are disabled. Super ducks are worth more exp, since they are getting rare.

Also of note, armored ducks won't resist during this event.


The bot is currently downloading data from discord and will be back shortly. You cannot hunt during this time. If the bot status seems stuck, check the status page