How to become a mod

So, I hear you want to become a Moderator here on DuckHunt. If so, then follow this guide and maybe you'll become a mod.

Taoshi's Guide To Become Moderator

This guide is the story of how Taoshi#0001 became moderator on the server. If you follow this guide, there is a chance that you might also become a moderator.

Before we start, I would like to mention that some of these steps can't be done by everyone and not all of the steps are necessary, but doing all of them will definitely boost your chances.

You just joined

So you first joined the server because you found DuckHunt somewhere and decided to check out the support server. This is your first day and you might not be talking in #general just yet. I was mainly playing in #game-all-time a few days before stepping into the other channels. A few days later, I decided to go into #general to chat and #support_english to help people whenever they needed it.


After 1-2 weeks of chatting and supporting, I decided to look into translating the bot because I like the bot and noticed that no one had translated the bot into Danish. I decided to take the opportunity and was granted the translator role. I was done translating after around 2 weeks.

This can be done faster, but you don't have to rush it.


Five days after I was done translating, I was granted the Proficient role because I had been supporting people so much that I knew almost everything there was to know about DuckHunt. To get this role you need to know a lot about DuckHunt. Proficient people are considered trusted here.

Reading around on this wiki and learning can definitely help you out!

Website Maintainer

As they say: "When opportunity comes knocking, you gotta answer." That's pretty much what happened here. After almost two months of being Proficient, and being engaged in the community as usual, the owner asked if some people wanted to help translate the website. I decided to do it because it was just translating and no html knowledge required. I translated a few pages.

Nominated to become mod

Later the same day, a poll was started in #mod-chat about me becoming a mod (I only figured this out after I became a mod). I did not know about this at the time, so I went on about my business. The poll only got 1 upvote and 0 downvotes. The result was positive nonetheless.


I joined the server on 14/03/2018 and became a mod on 22/07/2018. The 4 and a half months of work finally paid off, and you can now enjoy being a moderator.

Congratulations, you are now a Moderator!