Why do we hunt ducks ?

A long, long time ago, in the remote country of DuckHunt, on the Discord continent...

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The ducks have declared a war on humanity. Some of them, who disagree with the Supreme Duck, flew from the Duck's country, also known as the "Pond", and are now welcomed in our special refuge : #duck・of・the・day.

Meanwhile, the other ducks kept on creeping on us, but fortunately our country is protected by heavy walls, and there are only two places where they can approach within shooting range;

  • #🦆game・monthly・reset and
  • #🦆game・all・time.

One of the damn soldiers we have to face everyday.
One of the damn soldiers we have to face everyday.

#🦆game・monthly・reset was once the subject of a failed experiment, that we still can't stop: every month, the shooters seem to lose all their memories, and can't shoot anymore. (your level resets)

#🦆game・all・time is the other place where ducks appear. Keep an eye out for them!

#🦆tests is a simulated battleground for the armed forces. Here, every soldier can ask for more funds, allowing them to experiment on the ducks. Use the knowledge wisely!

Beware of their officers : the Super-Ducks are even more powerful than their regular soldiers, and can take a few shots before dying. And then there are the MOADs. Not only they are as resistant as Super-Ducks. But also, when they die, two vengeful soldiers take their place.

Thanks to extensive military funding, we now have access to Armor-piercing bullets and Explosive bullets, that will help you fight those monsters.

The enemy ducks may leave the battlefield early since they are only on patrol, they must stay for a fixed time, and then they desert due to our overwhelming strength.

Good luck, soldiers. Now that you know why you fight, be brave. The Noduck may have mercy on you.

--- General Calgeka